This is the official website of Kosi Gyebi Sorensen, also known as The Sublime Miss Kosi, Kosi Gyebi, Akosua Gyebi, and Akosua Gyebi Sorensen. She is a singer, vocalist, singer-songwriter, and arranger in jazz, r&b, blues, and rock music.

She's more than just a drama queen. She's got piercing eyes and a voice that's larger than her body. But, small as she is, she won't fit in a box. She switches styles more quickly than you can follow. First she's jazz, then she's blues, then she's rock, but always powerful. You definitely want to hear this girl sing... if you can handle it.


Kosi comes to Chicago saturday, jul 12, 2014
My two albums, Pictures of Us and One More Cup of Coffee, are now available at Reckless and Laurie’s Planet of Sound in...
Kosi comes to Boston thursday, jul 3, 2014
Both of my albums, One More Cup of Coffee and Pictures of Us, are now officially in every record store in Cambridge (and a...
Pictures of Us is available monday, jun 2, 2014
…and now my second solo project is officially a thing! It’s available on my music page for your listening,...
Funding campaign complete! saturday, apr 19, 2014
First, I want to say a sincere, heartfelt “thank you” to everyone who contributed. I mean that. This project...
LAST DAY to pre order Pictures of Us friday, apr 18, 2014
Fund and pre order Kosi’s second album here:

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